UOLDIVEO, is a company of UOL Group that provides technology services for the corporate segment. 100% Brazilian company offers complete solutions in IT Outsourcing in areas such as Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure Management, Managed Security Services, Telecommunications, Collaboration and Productivity Systems, Advanced Services for Applications and Consulting covering specialized services for e- commerce and IT Transformation with expertise to implement, integrate and manage solutions for businesses of all segments.

With four datacenters interconnected by a private network, UOLDIVEO outstands for the constant monitoring of the evolution of the needs of its clients, offering products and services of high technology, quality and speed in delivery.

To focus on the service to midsize and large companies, during the last years recognized companies in the telecommunications and information technology where acquired, DHC Outsourcing and DIVEO Broadband Networks Inc., with more than 10 years of operations in the Brazilian and international markets.

To ensure excellence in service providing directed to applications, UOLDIVEO acquired; Tech4B, recognized for its Quality Assurance solutions and Performance, Boldcron, specialized in online payment systems, Uni5, company specialized in integration systems in productive chains, Solvo, which services infrastructure management in multiplatform and Compasso, recognized with excellence in service provision of Oracle middleware.

UOLDIVEO counts with more than 1500 professionals who have extensive experience in the management of corporate networks and outsourcing of information technology markets. A team willing to assist the success of the clients, providing integrated solutions of high added value.

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