The relationship channel with the UOLDIVEO client

The CLIENT PANEL is the latest interaction channel with the CLIENTS, offering Informatio, Transparency, Support and Proximity.

Resources of the Panel See the Video

Available Resources

  • Atentimento
  • Chat
  • Faq
  • Financeiro
  • Monitoramento
  • Professional Services


The Client Panel Allows:

  • Opening and monitoring of calls in a simplified and agile manner;
  • Direct contact with professionals of the Support, Commercial and Operational Teams maintaining a relationship of proximity and facilitating the execution of their demands;
  • FAQ always updated with doubts that can be cleared at first level;
  • Direct access to the OMBUDSMAN;


Monitoring of the financial movement referring to services hired through:

  • Bank slips
  • Invoices


Monitoring od operational equipment and systems in a simple and efficient manner.

  • Monitoring of equipment, systems and band traffic and history monitoring;
  • Alerts viewing according to the status of the system;
  • Notification configuration for warning about systemic occurrences for decision making;
  • Monitoring of the servers backup routines;

professional services

The CLIENT PANEL allows the direct hiring of services like:

  • Maintenance of users: users administration of the Active Directory (permissions, registration of new users);
  • Handling of backup tapes (different types of files and medias);
  • Restore of the mail box;
  • Temporary band;


Taking into consideration the mobility needs of our clients, we offer the CLIENT PANEL for access via smartphones and tablets.

Through the address, the client accesses the CLIENT PANEL and its interface adapts to the resolution of your mobile devise, without loss of information. There is no need to install an application.

For the launch the following services were contemplated:

  • Calls consultation
  • Alarms consultation

And soon, new functionalities will be made available

Access to the Client Panel

  • Access on computer
  • Non-registered clients

    Request access with the Service Desk:

    0800 16 0066

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