Business demand for Information Technology services is continuously growing. IT must be increasingly more flexible, responsive and secure not only displaying high-level infrastructure but also a range of structured processes and qualified experts to manage all this elements. At the same time, the market demands investment on innovation and business differentiation, in order to keep the company competitive and updated. How can we organize the resources in a world where cost reduction and operational efficiency dictate the rules of the game?

UOLDIVEO, a branch of the UOL Group, has the most comprehensive IT Outsourcing solutions to meet mission critical environments, thus allowing the companies to focus their business activities.

We have the largest Data Center infrastructure in the country, our own network of Telecommunications and the best and most flexible Corporate Cloud, in addition to a broad range of Managed Services.

In order to complement your business IT systems, we also have a Platform and Software as Service, which is suitable to specific business niches, such as payments and collaboration and automation activities. In addition, we have Security solutions and experts in order to protect your company from cyber threats. At last, for the good functioning of your company’s IT applications, our areas of Application Services and Consultancy ensure operation efficiency.

This unique combination of solutions makes UOLDIVEO a trusted advisor in Technology. Supported by the largest certified technical bodies in the country, standardized processes and state of the art technology, we can provide an IT Transformation approach, aimed at providing IT with agility, efficiency and focus on business. We have more than 3 thousand clients, of different sizes and market segments that are supported by 1,500 employees with more than 280 international certifications.

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