Application Performance Monitoringt

The IT environment is dynamic and changes with time influenced by various factors: hardware and software obsolescence, upgrades, inclusion of new applications and maintenance. These changes directly affect the health of a computing environment and reflect the performance of the applications.

The UOLDIVEO Application Performance Monitoring continuously solves performance and availability problems of transactions, anticipating eventual problems and enabling the continuous improvement of the application. It’s composed of tools, processes and services developed and enhanced by UOLDIVEO.

Through specific collectors, installed in the serves which support the applications, the logs and indicators of its behavior are stored. This data is analyzed by tools and consultants specialized in performance. The problems are identified, categorized and prioritized with the impact they have on the application.

The main points of contingency and bottlenecks of the problems are diagnosed and reported periodically in a specific report containing recommendations for its solution. For each recommendation there is information regarding estimated gain, implementation effort and risk involved, besides the necessary technical detailing for the implementation.

The service also enables the hiring of the implementation of the recommendations, ensuring they are executed according with the best practices.

The technologies supported are:

•Database: Oracle and MS SQL Server;
•Application Server: .NET and Java.

Why it's Worth

  • Increase in availability and performance of the applications;
  • Continuous improvement of the applications;
  • Anticipation of problems;
  • Predictability of investment in hardware;
  • Report with recommendation of the code lines which shall be altered, reducing this way the implementation timing.

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