Brand Protection

The improper use of the brand for malicious actions is a reality which affects various companies of the most varied segments of the market. Phishing attacks, identity theft, electronic frauds and other threats cause financial losses, damages to the image and reputation of the business. Per year, more than BRR 3.2 billion is lost due to electronic fraud in Brazil.

The UOLDIVEO Band Protection is aimed at identifying, treating and deactivate fraudulent sites and manage the misuse of the brand in domain registers, social networks, malicious e-mails (phishing and SPAM) and cases involving intellectual property.

The UOLDIVEO Security Operations Center (SOC) counts with the largest intelligence network in Latin America, constituting from a knowledge base of the main models of attack and misuse of the brand.

Why it's Worth

  • Largest intelligence network in Latin America for frauds detection;
  • Threats takedown service;
  • Reputation and revenue protection;
  • Prevention of Brand use against frauds and malicious activities;
  • Proliferation of malicious codes via e-mail (phishing and SPAM);
  • Management 24x7x365 through UOLDIVEO SOC;
  • Contact with authorities, security companies and intelligence networks;
  • Visibility of the misuse of the client?s brand;
  • Forward of malicious code for the reasonable treatment for the type of case;
  • Without the need of additional infrastructure in the client?s environment.

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