Consultants specialized in the evaluation and implementation of IT processes and good practices

Currently, all companies, regardless of their segment, use IT infrastructure, systems and solutions in order to support their business demands. Market and technology’s dynamism and growing evolution challenge companies to lead their IT environments, which at times run on obsolete and low performance systems, frequently presenting problems and instabilities, with low integration architectures and malfunctioning management and control processes. All this generates impacts in business delivery.

UOLDIVEO Consultancy Services act directly on these challenges, by evaluating the maturity level, analyzing scenarios and supporting the identification and implementation of solutions for IT Governance, IT Architecture and Software Engineering.

The UOLDIVEO Consultancy Services are recommended for companies who want to overcome challenges such as:

·         Vision about Governance of IT Services and Delivery

·         Certification for IT Process Development, Design and Management

·         Reduction of Immediate Costs and Total Cost of Ownership

·         Reduction in Delivery and Task Execution Time

·         Increased Action and Environment Trends Control

·         Increased Quality in IT Processes, Architecture and Deliveries

·         Adherence to IT Best Practices and Environment Certifications

·         Experienced Professional Consultancy all throughout the IT Cycle

·         Productivity and Speed Gain in Business Delivery

·         Increased focus on what is important for your Business


IT Governance:the assessments carried out by UOLDIVEO’s IT Governance Consultancy Service is based on the use of reference framework for identifying the maturity level of processes, controls and IT deliveries, keeping in mind the business impact.


IT Architecture:the main goal is to identify the gaps in the existing IT Architecture, anticipating risks and serious incidents in several levels that make up the IT Environment, including the measurement of business delivery.


Software Engineering:in order to achieve quality in delivery and adherence to client’s demands, our Software Engineering solutions encompass the complete software cycle, from concept to delivery, considering all its artifacts, based on a methodology that foresees processes, controls and resolution or mitigation actions, amongst others.


All Consultancy Services encompass:

·         Services rendered by an specialized team for mission critical and highly complex environments;

·         Projects, services and support models suitable  to the unique nature of your business;

·         Increased process maturity, quality of delivery, total cost reduction and decreased response time for operational demands;

·         Specialized consultancy in project design and implementation, based on environment knowledge and the dynamics of your business;

·         Support in the design, project and implementation of IT governance, software engineering and IT architecture solutions;

·         Governance in the transition of the development model, environment design and business service/support;

·         Client Support Assurance with a broad portfolio of services and robust infrastructure in other IT areas and needs.

Learn how this and others UOLDIVEO’s solutions can add value to your business.

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