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The best Data Center Infrastructure in Brazil to support your company's IT services

UOLDIVEO offers a complete range of IT services, with the robust and reliable infrastructure of the largest Data Center in the country. We apply all our experience and best practices to engineer, host and manage all your company's computing needs.

Focused on providing the right IT infrastructure solution for your business, UOLDIVEO ensures operational quality for the rapid growth of your company.

Our portfolio guarantees scalability, availability, and the elimination of operational costs, in a stable and secure manner, while providing expert consultancy with our Outsourcing services.


IT Infrastructure

You can see in numbers the best that UOLDIVEO has to offer


280 certificates - qualified professionals working to meet the strictest market demands.

240 floors - that would be the height of our 16 thousand servers, if they were placed one on top of the other.

13 million - this is number of CDs that would be necessary to store more than 9 thousand terabytes in stored data.

1000 teraflop/s - is the capacity of our 16 thousand servers. There are only 28 supercomputers with higher capacity in the world.

570 km - that is how far a line with the 9 million 1gb flash drives corresponding to our total information storage capacity would go.

Learn how this and others UOLDIVEO’s solutions can add value to your business.

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