DDoS Protection

The DDoS (Distributed Denied of Service) grow in sophistication and seriousness. All the companies and organizations which depend on the internet are at risk. A robust DDoS protection can only be reached with the dedicated detection and mitigation platforms. The UOLDIVEO DDoS Services is aimed to offer protection against attacks that try to invalidate by overload the infrastructure and services available in the internet which can impact the business of our clients.

Without the need of additional infrastructure or equipment, the service is aimed to detect and protect the company form all types of online threats.

The DDoS attacks are identified by means of behavior analysis of the trafficking data. In case of the detection of anomalies, these can be blocked even before they reach the UOLDIVEO infrastructure and the company’s environment. Through advanced dashboards, your company is monitored around the clock by the UOLDIVEO SOC (Security Operation Center). In the case of attacks detection, a specialized team can begin the mitigation in the following ways:

Automatic: the mitigation is automatically initiated and the company notified;

On Demand: the notification is made through the SOC service channel and a mitigation is initiated after authorization;

Pre-defined: through authorization or characteristics previously defined by the company mitigation is initiated.

The company is notifies from the detection to the end of an attack. Through a report, the company can obtain detailed information about each attack.

Why it's Worth

  • No need for investment in additional infrastructure and qualified professionals, because UOLDIVEO protects you against attacks before they even reach their connecting channels and infrastructure;
  • Legitimate users continue accessing your service normally during the mitigation service. Detections and protections against attacks are carried out by analyzing the behavior of the data that are intended for your website or online service;
  • Use of scalable technology and proven effective in blocking DDoS attacks;
  • Connectivity to the established mainstream media and communities in search of security threats and risks that can bring services to our customers;
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and management through specialized teams in DDoS attacks and incident response;
  • Protection through technology customized according to the client's business.


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