With the transition of the tax documents to the electronic media, arises the need to process, store and organize these files of utmost importance for the routine of the companies. The DF-e (Tax Electronic Documents) Exchange solution is a solution which enables the receipt, storage, organization and distribution of these electronic tax documents (Electronic Invoice, Electronic Bill of Lading, Electronic Service Invoice, etc.) issued by the business partners.

Among the advantages of having the DF-e Exchange solution is the validation of the electronic documents in the Internal Revenue Service Secretariat (SEFAZ) site. This process streamlines the receipt of electronic tax documents, facilitating automation of the whole tax process making the DF-e Exchange the most simple or secure way to maintain the electronic tax information stored according to the current legislation, in an easy and organized manner.

The DF-e Exchange solution is not only a gathering of resources of the applications to issue Electronic Invoices or Electronic Bill of Lading, and it is an integrator of resources ensuring and filing the delivery and the receipt of the tax documents.

Why it's Worth

  • Organization and integration of your Electronic Invoice (NF-e), Electronic Bill of Lading (CT-e) and Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) documents bringing practicality and security to the stored data.
  • Guaranteed receipt and validation of Electronic Invoice (NF-e), Electronic Bill of Lading (CT-e) and Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) and their events, eliminating tax liabilities.

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