Managed Services

Environment management and IT governance at your business? disposal

Companies of various sizes and market segments are increasingly more dependent on IT solutions that can deliver value to their business and support their operations, be it for growth or restructuring purposes, or even in the integration or fusion of systems, and platform migration.

The Managed Services provided by UOLDIVEOare divided in Environment Management, and Allocation and Management of Specialized Resources. These solutions apply the best market practices and deliver high standard service levels, yielding benefits such as cost reduction, increased control, quality and improved delivery time.

The Managed Services are recommended to companies that seek solutions for:

Governance of IT Services and Deliveries

Certification of IT Management Processes

Reduction of Immediate Costs and Total Cost of Ownership

Reduction in Delivery and Task Execution Time

Increased Action and Environment Trends Control

Increased Quality in Processes and Deliveries

Productivity and Speed Gain in Business Delivery

Outsourcing of IT Services, freeing internal resources to focus on company business


Environment Management:the team of UOLDIVEO is prepared to act in the most distinct scenarios, platforms and technologies, with a wide range of services, supported by robust infrastructure, high quality tools and specialized professionals.

Allocation and Management of Specialized Resources: the team of UOLDIVEO has expertise in several areas, such as projects, infrastructure, data base platforms, applications and the like.

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