In recent years companies with typically digital profiles are changing traditional markets by providing customers with new experiences.

Meanwhile, established companies have had to deal with traditional systems, processes and methods, while at the same time being pressured to adapt, be innovative and agile.

Driven by the " Internet of Things " and Big Data, companies will undergo a transformation that will turn the largest part of their business digital; the technological base for this transformation is precisely Cloud Computing.

But before deciding to transfer workloads to the cloud, one must keep in mind that:

There is not a single cloud for all applications and that not every application can be part any single cloud.

So that is why the Multicloud approach, where companies use clouds with differing technology and features, is so important.


What is Multicloud to UOLDIVEO

For UOLDIVEO, Multicloud is much more than just a single control panel or the use of multiple clouds. Multicloud is the combination of technology, people and the proximity to the customer's business.

  • Technology: supporting the trek towards being digital requires a combination of varying technology starting from the infrastructure � this includes Hosting, Colo and Cloud computing applications.
  • Talent: the item which is most often cited by CIO in relation to the challenges that they face is the talent. The higher the technological complexity, the greater the need is for specialization and the greater the challenge to retain and hire this talent. Having a Multicloud provider is one of the best ways to take advantage of the features of each type technology.
  • Proximity to the customer's business: It is not only the technology that determines the shift towards digital, the context of a client's business is fundamental.
    We can say that despite a cloud being more technically suitable for a given application, the current status of a business can prevent migration � the choice of technology may be correct, but the current mode of delivery must be respected and possibly improved.


UOLDIVEO is Multicloud

At UOLDIVEO, companies can rely on services from leading players in the public cloud market like AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMWare and OpenStack; private clouds on OpenStack and Vmware; and the Virtual Data Center in Virtustream technology.

All of this technology plus an extensive service layer, which starts from the analysis of the characteristics of an application and the recommendation of the appropriate cloud to the management and improved use of cloud services, make Multicloud UOLDIVEO the correct choice for a company's digital transformation.

For us, it is about more than just offering alternatives to hardware, software, and infrastructure or an access panel to different public clouds, it is about being close to the customer in order to understand their challenges and create a solution that best meets the needs of each application. We do this while offering specialized services which enable the support needed for our customer's business to grow.



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