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Meeting business demand in the right measure

The service models for cloud computing are a well-accepted reality in the market. The flexibility, agility and resource optimization that Platform and Software as a Service solutions provide have made it one of the most widely used technologies in the corporate environment.

The family of products Platform and Software as Service by UOLDIVEO provides solutions on demand at a competitive cost, increasing the productivity of employees by optimizing the activities in the area of Payment and Collaboration Processes.

The Platform and Software as Service solutions by UOLDIVEO are recommended for businesses that seek a solution for:

·         Online payment processes;

·         Integration between sales channels and payment tools;

·         Security and fraud prevention in online sales channels;

·         Collaboration and messaging;

·         Protection to all company’s online activities;

·         Internet access control.


Amongst the services of Payment Processes, suitable to specific market niches, we have solutions such as:

UOLDIVEO Payment Management:integrates the sales channels with the different tools necessary for the payment process (Gateway, Anti-fraud and Conciliation). This process is carried out in a secure environment, with focus on efficiency of operational processes and increased sales conversions.

UOLDIVEO Pin Pad:aligns the security of payment in person with the practicality of Payment Gateway, providing the integration and infrastructure management necessary for electronic transfers, made available as service.

UOLDIVEO Fraud Prevention: makes available a highly configurable process in order to improve the management of anti-fraud processes, thus maximizing the acceptance of valid orders and minimizing loses with fraud in remote sales channels.


In terms of Collaboration, UOLDIVEO solutions can be divided in:

UOLDIVEO Exchange:Microsoft Exchange based e-mail solutions, which encompass the pillars of messaging and collaboration, ensuring high availability, auditing and security.

UOLDIVEO Webfilter:security solutions that block Internet malicious traffic that could violate defined security policies, putting network and services at risk.


With the Platform and Software as Service solutions by UOLDIVEO, business obtain benefits such as:

·         Predictable expenses, with a platform use based model (measured in number of e-mails, users, transactions, amongst others).

·         Scalable and high performance cloud structure hosted completely in Brazil, without idle resources for seasonal peak demands or predicted growth.

·         Standardized and tailored solutions, the implementation is made quickly and with fewer risks.

·         Reduced need for specialization and employee time spent with elements of infrastructure and specific technologies, freeing time for dealing with business specific activities.

·         Best cost-benefit (decreased Total Cost of Ownership) compared to the acquisition of licenses (software development), infrastructure and operation of solutions.

·         Solutions with functionalities to service audits, information security and compliances.

·         Closer follow-up of new technologies and trends, without the need for complex migrations.

·         Service level assurance.

Learn how this and others UOLDIVEO’s solutions can add value to your business.

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