An specialized structure for integration, implementation and support for business platforms

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest growth rates in the world, and the prospects for the next few years are still positive. Therefore, the need to create different options for the companies in this market becomes paramount. In order to understand the needs of such demanding customers, however, companies need to prepare themselves properly, providing the best Internet experience for their potential clients.


With a successful history dating back to 1998,Compasso, another branch of the UOLDIVEO company, offers services of implementation, support, migration and Oracle technology and application upgrades, in the areas of SOA/BMP, Integration, Portals, eCommerce and ERP.



Our e-Commerce Platform and Specialized Services encompasses consultancy, licensing, implementation and optimization of leading market platforms for online sales operation or virtual shops. The model encompasses system implementation, strategies, methodologies and tools focused on enabling the increase in conversion rates, average ticket and traffic in our customer’s environments.


The Software as a Service or on-demand models ensure scalability and flexibility for your business, in addition to integrating the UOLDIVEO solutions to complementary services, such as: Payment Services and PagSeguro Platform, Security Services and Fraud Prevention Services, amongst others.

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