Stress Test

To respond to a business demand, systems are designed and computing resources are allocated for it support. An important component to evaluate the efficiency of the business, in terms of user experience and resource performance, is to evaluate if the dimensioning made will support the expected load and identify a quick action in case of accelerated growth. The Stress test, also known as performance test, is directed to identify the response capability, throughput, reliability and scalability of an application under a dynamic work load (simultaneous users). The UOLDIVEO Stress Test is commonly made to:

  • Evaluate the production capability and align the requirements of the business;
  • Evaluate the performance criteria base of an application;
  • Compare the performance characteristics of multiple systems or system configurations;
  • Find the source of the performance problems;
  • Align the performance of the application to the requirements of the business.
  • Improvement of the quality of the application.

The UOLDIVEO Stress Test offers specialized services from the use of automation processes and tools which enables gaining scale and reducing the time in the tests of the applications.

The services are provided in an “ongoing”, in other words, for each release of an application or set of applications, UOLDIVEO is responsible for the pertinent tests, working in parallel with the development team.

This service is managed and enables an independent analysis of the applications, that is, the tests are made by an independent team of that which developed the application.

Why it's Worth

  • Improvement of the quality of the applications;
  • Improvement of the test process;
  • Anticipation of performance and capability problems;
  • Reduction of test preparation time;
  • Reduction of incidents in production;
  • Go-live with quality;
  • Tests process under total control and independent;
  • Enables the correct acquisition of hardware for the transaction;
  • Assurance of service of the non-functional requirements.

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