UOLDIVEO Broker is the group's new company that brings to the capital market solutions for high performance, reliability and scalability.
For this reason the platform EZ EMS was born with native support for BM&F Bovespa UMDF Entry Point and without the need for adjustments and legacy code.

The EZ EMS is a complete environment management with end-to-end and high-performance execution management orders as routing, risk analysis and quotes.

In one place, your company will have access to a marketplace containing different solutions for the capital market as order execution services, market data and information companies sell-side and buy-side. All this in a managed environment 24x7 and constant updates.

The EZ EMS platform was built with full integration to modern interfaces order entry unified BM&F Bovespa, as the EntryPoint and Unified Market Data Feed (UMDF), with multimarket acess. In addition to a core platform for trading and a free access to the various client managers, Home broker, Terminal or third parties and supporting automated processes with  high frequency (HFT - High Frequency Trading).

The EZ EMS consists of three modules: EZ Trade, EZ Quote and EZ Risk - which can work independently, providing new services and potential customers with the same quality.

EZ Trade is the module responsible for the routing of orders to the Stock Exchange, coming from the EZ Terminal, OMS or third-party terminals, including mobile solutions.

The EZ Quote module is responsible for processing the signal quotations - UMDF - and its distribution to the respective trading channels connected to the EZ EMS.

The module makes EZ Risk control basic quantitative or qualitative terms, both pre-trade and as required by the Broker, and can be integrated with a system-specific risk Brokerage.

Interconnected ecosystem

The network connectivity EZ EMS, directly integrated to the new Communication Network BM&F Bovespa, ensures proximity for direct connection of high-speed and low-latency with the reliability to connect the different elements of the financial market directly to BM&F Bovespa and other service providers through a high optical network capacity and coverage.

Relying on UOLDIVEO’s 17 years experience in the leadership of network elements management  and mission-critical environments, network connectivity itself, optical backbone covering the main Brazilian capitals and connecting their datacenters world-class environment for trading on the BM&F Bovespa.


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