Vulnerability Scan

The UOLDIVEO Vulnerability Scan Service covers a complete selection of services which focus is to identify vulnerabilities in networks, servers and in application levels. The intention is to contribute with the security management of the environments. The service consists in mapping in a proactive manner the vulnerabilities of the systems, through punctual or periodical scans of IP or URLs addresses, in order to alert the people responsible for the security management so they can take the necessary protections measures. A multidisciplinary team is responsible for the management of the service which provides transparency and visibility to the companies about the risks they are exposed to.

The Scans cover two scopes:

Scan Infra Vulnerability: performs scans in IP addresses with the verification and identification of services and vulnerabilities in operational systems and applications;

Scan Web Vulnerability: performs scans in URL addresses, with verification of the vulnerabilities of Web applications.

The service is performed from the UOLDIVEO datacenters, ensuring this way the Independence between the environments.


Why it's Worth

  • Proactive security risk management, reducing the impact on the business;
  • Reduction of operational costs;
  • Impartial auditing, providing reports according to the regulatory standards of the market;
  • Ready to use and select without the need of software installation, maintenance or update;
  • Presents high efficiency rate in the detection of vulnerabilities in the infrastructure assets and web applications.

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